Johnny and Aaron are often asked to perform at house parties  usually with an unplugged set which always delights the smaller audience in a more intimate setting.
Over the years Johnny and Aaron have some unusual requests to customise events and now offer a bespoke event planning service. This can include everything from planning the whole event to simply including a favourite tune within the set.

Case Study
When I’m 64
When Stewart was thinking of his upcoming 64th birthday, he contacted Aaron to ask what he would suggest.
After some discussion, Stewart was amazed to find Aaron’s numerous suggestions accurately fulfilled Stewarts brief.
Including making “When I’m 64” a feature 0f the party with the gentlemen proposing and toasting their partner during the chorus: “Will you still feed me, will you still need me, when I’m sixty four?”. Other suggestions included an acoustic version of the very up beat Beatles song: Birthday, which was enthusiastically welcomed.

Case Study 
Magical Mystery Tour

When a well known accountancy company were planning their next conference entertainment, they wanted s musical theme. When they mentioned that on the evening, they were going by bus, to a well known local restaurant. At this Johnny suggested a Magical Mystery theme. The plans were laid and the bus picked up the delegates at the hotel, all unaware of what was to come. As delegates got on he bus, they were surprised to find various Magical Mystery Tour themed novelties and instant costumes; wigs, round glasses, hippy head bands and moustaches. They were even more surprised when John and Paul got on the bus and performed a short acoustic set from the Magical Mystery Tour as the group travelled to the restaurant. After dinner, the boys performed with the full band getting everyone up to dance as well as including a couple of Beatles sing along numbers.

Case Study
When John Met Paul

When Terry and Heather were planning a garden party, they asked Aaron and Johnny to attend and masquerade and mingle as regular guests as individuals unknown to each other. Aaron and Johnny entered separately and mingled with other partygoers, not letting on that they knew each other or that there was a more than uncanny resemblance to John and Paul. Guests were left to introduce John to Paul which resulted in a spontaneous John and Paul reunion with a interactive acoustic set of Beatles and Lennon McCartney hits, which was to be the topic of conversation between the guests for some time after